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Margaret Dahl loves her grandfather so much she gave him her toy lamb. Birdseye mashed potatoes in a bag are a sensation. Questlove recapped his Oscar win on Fallon. Brendan made a koozie connection over a Lemonade Shandy. Dag got his first colonoscopy.

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Janet is excerpting Brendan’s novel for Steve and highlighting the many colorful euphemisms. Have you gotten your copy on Amazon yet? While doing some much needed house cleaning, Janet determines that kids are sticky. We are also witness to a rare, real time “I would have helped” from Steve. Brendan has discovered a new hipster spot in Wicker Park, the theme of which appears to be camping, or at least the outdoors. Paul Stanley threatens to insert a laser pointer into a fan, which isn’t a million miles from a (successful) procedure that Dag had over the weekend. Plus, it’s a Talk To Me Tuesday, featuring your calls and celebrity impression impressions.

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