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Three Taco Steve

Steve chased Janet and Rosie to the vet in dramatic fashion. Dag mourns the death of Jeff Beck. Repairmen are at the house to replace bulbs on exterior lights, but hit a snafu. Janet tried to derail Steve’s move toward a 3rd taco on family taco night.

About This Episode

Johnny Depp is distraught, as are we, over the sudden death of Jeff Beck. Dag thinks Beck was the greatest living electric guitarist. Steve arranges for the bulbs in his cosmic lighting system to be changed, but there are a few problems. Janet attempts to step in and solve them. Norwegian rats are looking for a new place to hang out and eat more interesting food. Rosie underwent surgery this morning and Steve was distraught about not saying goodbye before she left the house. Taco night turns into a complicated situation regarding portions, leading to an adult exchange.

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